The Art of Trolling

I’m pretty sure, after playing countless games of league with my cousin, we’ve perfected the art of trolling. We’re beautifully in sync when we start trolling…and it’s obnoxious.

So I’ve taken my remodeled/old tumblr name and I’ve made it into the biggest troll fest ever. I refute every little thing they say with logic and common sense (although, common sense not so common). I insult myself and laugh about it and I know that it pisses them off..I point out their lies and flaws in logic with basic facts..and…although the blogging experience is a tad anxiety inducing for me now (thanks but no thanks, you fucker), I actually really like my “new blog”.

I’m still waiting for an email from him that would say some bullshit like “stop posting about us” as if they have any right to order me around. And then I’m going to use that as troll material, too.

There’s just something about trolling stupid people.


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